Brother, can you spare a dime?


  1. Ten cents here, ten cents there…soon we’re talking real money.   Day one of the new tolls over the Sakonnet River Bridge appeared to pass without incident.  Interesting, in that the weekend before the tolls began was far from incident free: Saturday, vandals apparently set fire to some electrical equipment used to power the toll sensors.  WJAR TV reported  ( ) the FBI is now assisting local and state law enforcement looking into the cause of the fire.
  2.’s front page has some interesting reads this morning.  First, court documents into the Boston Marathon bombing investigation describe the injuries sustained by accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  “Multiple gunshot wounds…the most severe of which appears to have entered through the left side of his mouth and exited the left face, lower face,” wrote Dr. Stephen Ray Odom, who concluded that despite the severity of the injuries, the accused “definitely knows where he is…” and should be able to answer investigators’ questions.
  3. The tragedy involving Jared Remy, the son of former Red Sox infielder and current broadcaster Jerry Remy, continues.  Investigators are trying to determine just how the younger Remy –with a list of prior assaults- was able to return to his girlfriend two days after his arrest on charges of assaulting her.  Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan promises to conduct a full investigation into the handling of the case,  while Attorney General Martha Coakley told the Globe on Sunday the state should re-examine its domestic violence laws.  I just realized…I have yet to type the name of the victim in this horrible crime.  Jennifer Martel was stabbed to death Thursday night.  Her child was nearby and –most likely- heard the horror inflicted upon her mother.   By all accounts, Jennifer was a beautiful young woman stuck in a relationship she recognized was unhealthy.  Her efforts to leave that relationship came too late.
  4. In what is being described as a first for Pakistan, former Pakistani military chief Pervez Musharraf –a tenuous ally of the United States- is charged with the assassination of former Prime Minister Benizar Bhutto.  The New York Times has the story.
  5. Eating lobster was, at one point years ago, considered low-class.  Today, the New Yorker is reporting the cost of lobster may be decreasing….but don’t expect to see those costs reduced in restaurants.  Any good New Englander knows, however, you don’t order lobster at a restaurant.  You buy it at a fish market, bring it home with steamers and quahogs and potatoes and linguica and corn….and…and…damn, I’m hungry.  Image
  6. Those crazy Russians.  You can see this happening as soon as the video begins….but it’s worth it to hear the reaction of the drivers shooting the incident.
  7. Speaking of crazy Russians – on August 19/20 in 1991 Boris Yeltsin had his finest moment.  Not sure if vodka was present….
  8. The summer heat and humidity is returning to New England, which reminds me that on this date in 1991 (while Yeltsin was climbing aboard a tank in Moscow), we were cleaning up the effects of Hurricane Bob.  Bob was the most recent hurricane to make landfall in New England….perhaps we’re due?

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