Journalism and money; what the heck is wrong with people; The Freak is a nightmare…

It’s Friday, day two of this little exercise, and the experiment continues.

As promised, there is a chance that some longer form pieces may appear here – and yesterday’s news about a failed collaboration between ESPN and Frontline may provide the impetus for a more in-depth look at journalism and money.  Public broadcasting’s well-known documentary unit and the Connecticut-based sports channel were investigating the NFL’s response to head injuries sustained by players.  League of Denial is set for release in October and –to put it mildly- is not expected to offer an attaboy to the NFL for its work on the issue.  Here’s Frontline’s statement

….and Deadspin’s report, which includes a statement from ESPN:

Oh, and by the way? ESPN renewed a $15 billion deal with the NFL two years ago.  Just sayin’.

More NFL news? Okay, I’ll hold my nose and link to this.  Yikes…


Now, that’s better.  In an effort to find something redeeming from the gridiron, I’ll post this gratuitous shot of the boys getting ready for football from a few years ago.  See below for an even older football photo of a guy who looks remarkably like these two.

He seemed like a character out of a John Grisham novel.  Ron Motley, who worked hard, played hard, and lived hard (four divorces? Jeeesh), died this week.  The South Carolina attorney was instrumental in the fight against tobacco companies that resulted in a $246 billion settlement.  Check the Post and Courier’s story to find out how much his firm made in attorney’s fees on that one.

“Why?” I was frequently asked, “do you guys only report bad news?”  The answer to that question will also most likely be fodder for an in-depth piece in the not too distant future.  For now, however, the tragic bears mentioning in the following two stories.

What the hell is wrong with people Part I – a minister riding his bike to clean his disabled daughter’s apartment was attacked with a hammer and killed in Brockton, Massachusetts Tuesday.

What the hell is wrong with people Part II – a freelance photojournalist was gang-raped while on assignment in India.

…and we might as well stay with the tragic.  Syria’s possible use of chemical weapons against her own people is considered a “…big event of grave concern”  President Obama told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Over on Morning Joe, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn says the President is “perilously close” to grounds for impeachment.

Thank you Senator Coburn for giving us the segue to move on to the more lighthearted section of the blog.

Hey, look! Ben’s Batman:

(does this mean Matt Damon will be Robin? Hat tip to WSPA’s Fred Cunningham for that low hanging fruit joke).

Lars Anderson, a can’t miss first base prospect for the Red Sox, was released by his latest team last week.  Anderson, by all accounts an intelligent, well-grounded individual (who did pretty well financially with the Sox), will land on his feet.  What amazed me, though, was this story written about Anderson by Gabe Kapler.  Kapler, who won a World Series with the Sox in 2004, managed their minor league team in South Carolina, attempted to make a comeback to the majors after managing, is now an outspoken critic of PED use in the majors, is also a pretty fair writer.  Okay, okay, he’s a very good writer.  Here’s the story…

College football season is almost here and, I can assure you,  my alma mater will NEVER play on ESPN (yes, I was recruited to play….


Division I level at taking a knee 

….and, no, I did not play).  Until I see a good D3 promo –I’ll not hold my breath on that one- here’s my favorite ESPN promo:  Jadeveon Clowney…he’s a nightmare.

Can I get a “Go ‘Cocks”?

Enjoy the weekend, and -as always- tip your wait staff.

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