A Leaderless Generation?

Thoughts as summer comes to an end, the kids return to school and the August vacation season concludes. 


September, a time for new beginnings. 

Unfortunately, those new beginnings bring with them a return to a weapon of war not seen in decades.  Chemical weapons, last used by a government against its people in Iraq more than two decades ago, were dropped by Syrian authorities on protesters in Damascus last week.  Secretary of State John Kerry said Syria’s actions should, “…shock the conscience of the world.”  The United States and its allies are contemplating various responses –including military strikes- but Russia has warned against such actions.  Here’s the BBC’s report.


Some interesting stories involving Little Rhody today.  First, Rhode Island Housing, a state agency which receives no operating funding from the state (now, how does that work?) is cutting its $19 million budget by about ten percent.  The ProJo has the details.


Table games at Twin River are proving to be quite a succesful gamble….for the house.  WPRI reports the new games have netted the horseracing track greyhound racing venue video slots parlor mini casino almost $8 million….in just over a month.  Ted Nesi’s finds the state has pocketed more than $1 million of that revenue.  He also points out that Twin River has not yet reached its full capacity for table games.  State (and TR leaders) may want to make hay while the sun shines: Massachusetts casino proposals are still being discussed and may well cut into TR’s profits once Bay State gaming centers are complete. Here’s the story.


Forget New York, Milan or London.  Fashionistas are heading to Providence this week as StyleWeek Northeast continues in New England.  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to interview event founder Rosanna Ortiz Sinel before the –then named- StyleWeek Providence opened.  Passionate, pleasant and intelligent, she’s turning this event into a signature Providence happening.  I must admit, however, I just don’t get it….watching models strut up and down the catwalk to show off clothes?  I’m baffled at the entire fashion industry.  Then again, what the hell do I know? A quick peek in my closet finds suits that run the gamut from black….to navy blue.

Image My idea of a fashion risk? Light grey pinstripes….  


….Dozens of ties that were likely out of fashion when I bought them.

Here’s a brief look at Monday’s StyleWeek events.  


Are we finished talking about Miley Cyrus yet? No?  Here’s Morning Joe’s take….Mika sets us all straight. 


Anyone who has ever covered politics in South Carolina –or who has simply been hungry for a sliced-pork-aplenty- has heard the voice of longtime Beacon caller J.C. Stroble.  Mr. Stroble, battling health issues over the past few years, died Monday.  WSPA in Spartanburg has the story of a man who served presidential candidates, area residents, and tourists looking for a taste of some incredibly unhealthy but absolutely delicious food.


Also in the Palmetto State, Governor Nikki Haley kicked off her reelection campaign with the darlings of the right wing GOP gubernatorial set. 


And finally we GenXers have grown up in the shadow of the Baby Boom generation, which grew up shaped by their parents – members of the Greatest Generation.  Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has coined a new name for us: the Weakest Generation.  His thought-provoking column is linked here. 


1968, which began with the Tiet Offensive in Vietnam, saw the assassination of Martin –and-  Bobby, is considered one of the most tumultuous years in our nation’s history.  It’s also the year I –along with millions of other GenXers- was born.   Perhaps there is still time for true leaders to emerge from this generation. 



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