Surprised? Not at all….

After spending a few days in Maine and observing the circus that is Governor Paul LaPage, ( ) it was nice to return to the calm quiet of Rhode Island and the always steady, never controversial Lincoln Chafee. 

Wait….he did what?

Channeling his inner Lyndon Johnson circa 1968, ( ) Rhode Island’s chief executive announced at a hastily arranged press conference (are there any other kinds of Chafee pressers?) that he will not seek a second term in office.  “I want to devote all my time, all my energy to the task at hand and that is running our government,” Chafee said in explaining his decision. 

I’m sure his 30 percent approval rating had nothing to do with it….

Ian Donnis at RIPR posted this story:

So, who benefits? Conventional wisdom says Providence Mayor Angel Taveras stands to gain the most from Chafee’s departure.  The rank and file of the state’s Democratic party was likely to split votes between Chafee and Taveras in next year’s primary; it’s now expected to coalesce behind the capital city’s chief executive, leaving Treasurer Gina Raimondo out in the cold.  Raimondo fans needn’t worry, however: she has more than $1.7 million in her campaign coffers….enough to heat up what is sure to be an interesting gubernatorial race in 2014.  Dee Dequatro at ABC6 speculates that Chafee may leave office early, elevating Lieutenant Governor Liz Roberts to the state’s top spot. ( ) Even in the unlikely event that that happens, don’t expect Roberts to mount a serious run for Governor.  Her campaign is, to put it kindly, impecunious.


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has granted its approval of a limited strike against Syria in the wake of that nation’s use of chemical weapons against its own people.  Senator Ed Markey, after listening to testimony from his predecessor –and now Secretary of State- John Kerry stood squarely on the fence on the measure and voted……present.  Here’s his explanation: 

It’s no secret that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is doing all he can to retain his tenuous grasp of power.  So, why don’t those opposed to him simply arm the rebels trying to dethrone him?  They’re not the most humane group, either.  This NYTimes piece explains.


It’s impossible to write an apt segue from Syria to sports… I won’t even try.

These are not my father’s Red Sox.  2004 should have put the ghosts of Red Sox past to rest (oh, how I hate thee, Bucky), but the September swoon of 2011 gave rise to new worries about the club.  Not to worry today.  The Sox –behind David Ortiz- left the Detroit Tigers reeling last night with a 20-4 win.  Have fun with the highlights here….

Oh, and speaking of football scores.  Tonight’s the night as the NFL returns to action.  Defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens are in Denver to face the Broncos.  This, by the way, still hurts:     



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