Thoughts while enjoying a fifty degree morning….

“Quirky…principled.”  The two words used to describe now lame-duck Governor Lincoln Chafee in today’s ProJo story could not be more apt.  Philip Marcelo pens an interesting look at the immediate ramifications of Chafee’s decision to take himself out of the race for reelection.  It’s worth a read. http://www.providencejournal.com/breaking-news/content/20130905-out-of-the-running-rhode-islands-governor-chafee-finds-calendar-opening-up.ece 

And if you have a chance, pick up Chafee’s book Against The Tide, if only to read the then Senator’s description of his meeting with Vice President-elect Dick Cheney hours after the U.S. Supreme Court declared Bush/Cheney the victors in the 2000 election.  Calling Cheney’s promise to ignore the campaign rhetoric of bipartisanship “…petty, arrogant and irresponsible…” Chafee admitted that he likely stammered in an effort to contain the fury he felt.  Casual observers of Chafee – those who shape their opinion of him solely on his awkward television appearances or on the puerile name calling found on talk radio- might be surprised at the backbone he’s exhibited in his political career.  Perhaps that backbone, combined with his lame-duck status, might allow for continued leadership from his office on Smith Hill. 

Billy Baker, http://www.billybaker.net/bio  one of the best writers at the Globe (hell, one of the best writers around, in my opinion) has a great piece in today’s paper about a Southie tradition that may be changing.  The annual St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast has long been hosted by the incumbent in the First Suffolk senate district.  That district has, since the 1940’s, been represented by an Irish American from South Boston.  Well, guess what – that seat is now occupied by a Haitian-American woman from Dorchester (who, Baker describes, might have more connections to Ireland than many in attendance at the annual roast breakfast).   Read the story, and follow @billy_baker on twitter…it’s worth it. http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/09/05/southie-patrick-day-breakfast-leads-war/aYcSqFeFRn6HqnVawpT9nO/story.html 

Are ground troops an option in a possible strike against Syria, or not? The Christian Science Monitor delves into the issue. 


Lindsey Graham, a complicated politician from a –just as complicated- state, faces some difficult choices on Syria as he runs for re-election.  Check out this story from the Greenville News. 


A brief aside about Graham, whom I’ve interviewed at least a dozen times: he never looks his interviewer in the eye.  Perhaps he’s changed and improved, but every time I’d speak to him, he’d stare at a spot on my chest as he answered my questions.  It doesn’t mean anything at all, but I always found it a bit…disconcerting. 

Peyton.  Seven.  Amazing.


Including two to Wes.  Why can’t we get players like this?

Red Sox.  Comeback.  Even more amazing. 



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  1. So enjoying your articles! Miss hearing you very much on the radio in RI, but your wit and insightfulness are translating well in this forum! Thank you!

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