Syria, Strength, Schools…and “Spot”

This is my fifth effort in the span of twenty minutes to write a coherent, intelligent comment on the Syrian crisis.  Through fits and starts I’d write a paragraph, include a few links, delete them, and try all over again.  If I’m having such difficulty writing a paragraph or two about the issue, imagine you’re the one in charge trying to remedy the damn situation. 

That’s exactly the position the President finds himself in. Image

With ETV’s Mark Adams, interviewing then Senator Obama in 2008. 


Tonight he’s going to address the nation to persuade us that some sort of military action against Syria is in the best interest of the United States. 

Here’s what we know: the use of chemical weapons is anathema in this day and age.  Overwhelming evidence shows that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used such weapons in his effort to quell an ongoing civil war.  The international community, outraged at the use of the weapons, is demanding that something be done to punish al-Assad and prevent him (and any other world leader) from using such weapons again.    

Today’s Christian Science Monitor details the very challenge now facing the Obama Administration: what form would military action take, and how long would it take?

Secretary of State John Kerry proposed –in an offhand remark- that Syria’s ceding control of its chemical weapons program might prevent such military action.  Just moments ago, the Associated Press reported that Syria agreed to such a proposal, giving control of its chemical weapons to Russia.   Will this head off possibly military engagement?  Perhaps, but reports say the Obama Administration is skeptical of the agreement between longtime allies Russia and Syria. 

As the day progresses, we’ll find out just what this agreement means to the world community at large.  What –is- known in all of this, however, is the realization that the Syrians killed in their government chemical weapons attack on them aren’t the only victims in this mess….the Obama Administration has taken a serious hit, as well.

It’s primary election day in New York and –if polls hold true- the next Mayor of the city that’s home to Wall Street, Broadway and the New York Yankees….could very well be a Red Sox fan.  Bill de Blasio spent his formative years in New England and had the good taste to follow the Sox in the late ‘60s and ‘70s.  It’s widely accepted that the Democratic primary is the de facto general election in New York; if de Blasio wins today’s vote with more than 40 percent of the tally, he’ll head to November’s general election the overwhelming favorite if the race.  If he doesn’t exceed 40 percent of the vote, he’ll face a runoff with the second highest vote getter.  There are a multitude of issues facing the person who replaces Mayor Michael Bloomberg…I’ll not get into them here.  Instead, I’m thrilled at the possibility that the next Mayor of New York may be seated in those prime boxes at Yankee Stadium….wearing a Red Sox cap. 

Princeton, Harvard and Yale top today’s US News and World Report’s annual ranking of colleges and Universities in the United States.  Fitchburg has to be in the top five, right? Right?

He was Ernie Boch before Ernie became Ernie ( ).  Famed California auto dealer Cal Worthington died at the age of 92.  The decorated World War II pilot built an auto empire on kitschy television ads featuring his “dog” Spot, and a jingle that will never get out of your head  Worthington, in a feature article written about him a few years ago, said he never liked the car business – he wanted to use it only as a means to an end. 

This, kids, is why we can’t have nice things in Rhode Island.    

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