Who the hell puts ketchup on a hot dog?


Time to put the work down, get out, and enjoy yourself. 

We’ll do the same here in blogland, with a brief look at some of the stories I find interesting today.  I’ll try to stay away from Syria, the next debate over congressional finances, 38 Studios, fundraising for gubernatorial campaigns or crime.  

Hot dog! 

No, I mean it – hot dog!  What better way to enjoy a baseball game than with a beer (Sam Adams is my choice) and a dog.  With residents of Detroit dealing with a bankrupt city, there’s nothing better to forget the financial challenges than heading over to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play.  Sit back, grab a beer and call over that guy (Charley Marcuse is his name) who has made a name for himself as the Singing Hot Dog Vendor.  Cute story: while the Three Tenors were performing at Tiger Stadium, Charley decided to have a little fun: he broke out a tux and -rather than yell- he sang his call of “Hooooooot dooooooooooggggggs.” He enjoyed it.  The fans enjoyed it

…and a tradition was born. 

Not everyone enjoyed it, though.  Tigers management and the local Tigers tv network were none too thrilled hearing his call during games, so he was allowed to sing at specific times. 

Charley, a unique guy, also had some fun with fans who (and this is where the story gets really interesting) wanted ketchup with their hot dogs. 


I can’t think of anything less appealing. 

Any normal person knows hot dogs must have mustard. 


I’m disgusted even writing it. 

So, Charley would good-naturedly make fun of anyone who asked for a ketchup pack….

…and Charley’s boss naturally did the only thing he could.*

He fired him. 

Here’s the complete story from the Detroit News. 


Okay, perhaps Charley was a little overzealous in his defense of mustard over ketchup, but, truthfully, can you blame him? What sort of person puts ketchup on…


…on anything?!

*very, veeeeerrrrry sarcastic 

It’s about the show, not the story. 

Let’s stay with sports and broadcasting for the time being. 

He’s considered by many to be The Most Hated Man In Sports.   The Washington Post even included that line in the hed for their feature on Skip Bayless today.  You know Bayless: he’s the talking head who just oozes arrogance and superiority on ESPN2’s First Take.  The Post’s story is a fascinating look at a guy who has created a contrary persona and run with it to financial success and notoriety. 


….he says it’s not a creation, and the person on camera is the same person behind the scenes.  Read the story, learn of his background, and –you- try to figure out if his support of Tim Tebow, curfews for athletes and his questioning of Troy Aikman’s sexuality are sincere, or simply the efforts of a hard working journalist to become a household name. 


Listen up! 

Going to the movies this weekend? As you sit on the edge of your seat, overwhelmed by the experience, think of the guy who helped make that experience so enjoyable.  Ray Dolby, the developer of Dolby digital surround sound, died at his home in San Francisco Thursday.  Here’s his New York Times obit.


Play Ball!

The Red Sox are closing in on the playoffs, which should surprise no one who listened to my prediction last year on the radio. 

Wow, even writing that made me feel like a true, obnoxious sports talk guy.

It is true, however.  After the PawSox won the Governor’s Cup (the Triple A Championship) last year, I pointed out they had last won the Governors Cup in 1973 and again in 1984.  In ’75, the BoSox won the pennant; in ’86 they won it again.  It seems only logical that a Governor’s Cup championship would lead to big club success in succeeding years. 

You can, as the man said, look it up. 

Well, guess who’s in the Governor’s Cup playoffs again?

Yup, your Pawtucket Red Sox. 

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head over to McCoy to catch the deciding games – they play Friday, Saturday and, if necessary, Sunday. 


High cheese, with a proper legkick, about to be unleashed at McCoy 


I may not be as obnoxious as Bayless, but every once in a while I can offer a bit of insight.  Now, if I can just get my pool right for this weekend…..

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