The Pope, the pitcher and the princess…plus, I need some help, and I’m turning to you!

The Pope 

Trying to change a large institution, so the saying goes, is akin to turning an aircraft carrier.  Anything that big, with that much momentum, is going to travel on the same course for quite a while before the turn takes place.  Catholics welcoming Pope Francis’s transformative words about abortion and homosexuality –released simultaneously in 16 different church publications this morning- should keep that in mind if they wish to see major change in the Church take place.  In addition, Pope Francis reiterated that there was no change in dogma, instead, the change comes in how that dogma is imparted to the world.  Francis, in his interview, asks Catholics to move away from a Church that has “…locked itself up in small things, in small-minded rules.”

An impressive description of the process used to release his interview –and an in-depth examination of what the interview means- can be found here.  James Martin, SJ deconstructs and offers his opinion of the Pope’s words in a post published today.  Father Martin explains just how the staff at America, the Jesuit magazine based in New York, edited and published the 12-thousand word article: “Our review process was somewhere between editing and spiritual reading.  One editor said that it was the first time she ever found herself in tears over a galley.”

The New York Times released their version of the story late this morning.  The Times quotes Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin’s recent admission that he was disappointed that the Pope hadn’t spoken out against abortion.

Pope Francis didn’t speak out against abortion today, instead, he spoke out against those who are “obsessed” with the issue.  The result of his words will take some time to be felt in the Catholic Church, but, like that aircraft carrier in the metaphor above, the turn is already starting to be noticed.  Moments after the story was released I saw a handful of tweets and facebook postings that said the Pope’s words today…

…may very well have those friends and followers in Church pews this weekend.

The Pitcher 

Mariano Rivera’s good-bye tour is nearly complete.  In this, the final weeks of the baseball season, the future Hall of Famer is receiving something not often given in professional sports: praise and thanks from opponents and opponent fan bases.  Those of you who don’t follow baseball and are wondering about the stories written about this slight, middle-aged man must read this article by ESPN’s Ian O’Connor.  Mo for Saint, someone tweeted earlier today.  I’d have to agree.

The Princess

Sunday night’s television choices were quite difficult to make.  Red Sox/Yankees? The Newsroom? ‘Niners/Seahawks? Breaking Bad?  One option that didn’t enter into the equation at all (at least for me) was the Miss America contest.  I just don’t get it.  If you’re looking for attractive women in bathing suits, there are plenty of other options on tv…and the internet.  You want to hear from intelligent women? I can imagine better fare elsewhere.  Reality tv?  Perhaps, but I’m not a reality tv fan either.  Sue me.  I did notice, however, some very interesting tweets after Miss South Carolina offered her introduction: “From the state where 20 percent of our homes are mobile because that’s how we roll, I’m Brooke Mosteller, Miss South Carolina.”

For realz?

As expected she offered a mea culpa.  Here it is – along with her explanation.

I need your help

I have a confession to make.  Ready?

I have never, not once, seen an episode of Breaking Bad.

I’m not opposed to the premise, or the story line or the actors (I’ve actually interviewed Brian Cranston and found him to be very, very pleasant).  I just haven’t gotten around to watching the show.

…and now I need your advice.

Do I immediately watch the current episode – the one everyone is talking about?  Or do I break out the Netflix and start at the beginning?

C’mon, people, this is some important stuff.

One thought on “The Pope, the pitcher and the princess…plus, I need some help, and I’m turning to you!

  1. Dude? No Breaking Bad? I’m so disappointed. You gotta watch Breaking Bad from the beginning to really appreciate the show and how the characters have developed and changed. Turning it on now will only disappoint you.

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