Fake Fillibuster, Speaker Shenanigans, Sox on the Water?

Ted Cruz is still talking.

It’s 4:30 Wednesday morning (that’s east coast time for those of you in New Zealand reading this blog.  Hey, I’m big among the Kiwis, what can I say? More on the Kiwis in just a bit, by the way).

Where was I?

Oh yes, Ted Cruz is still talking.

Now, what he’s doing isn’t –by definition- a filibuster.  A vote on the measure he is bringing attention to is scheduled for noon on Wednesday; he’ll not be able to prevent that vote.  Instead, what he’s doing is trying to –get this- put off a vote on an issue he believes in.  The Senate is set to take up the House measure that pays for continued funding of the federal government, while removing the funds necessary for the Affordable Care Act.

Get it?


The Democrats in the Senate are expected to strip that exemption for the ACA (you might know it as ObamaCare), and move forward with the funding resolution.  Preventing a vote on the issue would shut down the government, all in an effort to defund Obamacare – a measure that was passed by the Congress, signed by the President and then declared constitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Still confused?

Yup, so am I.

Cruz, critics say, is a vainglorious Tea Party backed Senator who has opposed even those in his own party in the Senate in order to advance his name.

Supporters of Cruz? He’s simply bringing truth to power.

GQ with a recent article of Cruz, who refused to study at law school with colleagues who didn’t graduate from an Ivy League school.  Heck, he refused to study with graduates of so-called “Lesser Ivies”


The LA Times with an op/ed that compares Cruz with –wait for it- Barack Obama.


More from Washington.

I love this clip.  Richard Nixon, being interviewed by Pat Buchanan on CNN more than thirty years ago, offers some interesting comments on the Kennedy brothers (Ted was the best politician of the three), the demeanor of a president, and LBJ.  What is most fascinating, however, are the uncensored remarks he made about Robert Caro’s first book on LBJ.  During a break in the taping, Nixon brings up the book and offers an incredulous, “Shit, it makes him appear like a goddamned animal!”

After a pause, Nixon finishes his statement about LBJ.  “Of course….he was.”

Great stuff.


The Rhode Island Ethics Commission (now THERE’S a contradiction in terms) is looking into House Speaker Gordon Fox’s role as a closing attorney for a municipal economic development loan program.  The Speaker failed to disclose the work he did for the agency, a glaring violation of the state’s code of ethics.  Fox’s attorney says the Speaker was working as a subcontractor, and didn’t receive money from the agency, instead he received checks from the attorney who was hired by the agency.

According to the law, this –in my, non legal trained mind- is not a violation.

But does it violate the spirit of the law?

Hell, yes.

Did Fox know the funds were coming from public coffers?

Again, in my opinion, I’m sure he did.

….and people wonder why politicians and lawyers are not trusted.


It’s one of the most dramatic sporting events to ever take place.

It’s going to begin at 4:15 this afternoon.

…and it –could- have taken place right here in Rhode Island.


Channeling their inner Red Sox, America’s entry in the America’s Cup (Oracle Team USA) found themselves seven races down in the Cup Finals last week.  Team New Zealand needed to win only one race to bring the Cup back to Wellington, but they’ve lost seven in a row (not unlike the Yankees back in 2004 against the Sox).

Well today is, in effect, game seven.  It’s a winner-take-all yachting race that will take place in San Francisco Bay.  Newport did its best to pitch the idea of hosting the Cup Finals to Oracle’s Larry Ellison; he turned ‘em down, and instead hosted the race in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Never followed yachting? Wouldn’t know a jib from a jab?


A jib…..


…a jab

Doesn’t matter.  Tune in today at four to see if the Sox –errr- Oracle Team USA can complete the comeback.

Oh, and Ted Cruz is still talking……

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