She’s running…but it’s not who you think; tears of sadness and loss.

It looks as if it’s going to happen.  A well-known Democratic woman is, in fact, going to run for the state’s top office. 

Gina Raimondo?

No, she hasn’t made it official….yet.  I’m talking about another pol, this one deep in the heart of Texas. 

Various media outlets reported yesterday that Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, she of the Quixotic filibuster, rags-to-riches, Harvard-educated, pink-running-shoes story will run for Governor of Texas in 2014.  A not so subtle tweet (“A week from today I’m announcing something big”) seemed to confirm what most expected.  The tweet went on to ask supports for a donation “…to show the strength of our grassroots network.”  She’ll need those donations.  Democrats haven’t won a state-wide election in Texas in more than two decades and her likely opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbot, has more than $20 million in his campaign chest.  Conventional wisdom says Davis will need to raise double that to run a successful campaign.–election.html

Rhode Island Treasurer Gina Raimondo’s more than $2 million campaign war chest makes her look like a piker compared to Davis; as we all know, however, $2 million here in The Biggest Little (thanks, P&J) can go a long way.  Raimondo’s challenge won’t come from fundraising: her New York investment connections and the well-funded EMILY’s List are expected to fill those coffers, instead, she’ll face battle  from state employees upset over her efforts to fix Rhode Island’s moribund pension system.    That battle escalated a bit yesterday as hundreds of protesters voiced their displeasure with the –as yet unannounced- candidate at a fundraiser in Providence last night. 

Break out the tissues….


If -after reading the following stories- you’re not in tears, you have no heart.  While checking out the Globe this morning, I noticed the smiling faces of a happy couple on the front page of the Metro section.  The picture appeared to be a wedding photo and, curiosity piqued, I clicked on the link.  It was a wedding photo, and the story within contained a true love story between two people who were lucky to find each other.  The couple does not live happily ever after, and there is no fairy tale ending here.  Tragedy strikes this pair.  Despite the sad ending, however, there was –at least in my mind- a sense of hope, contentment, joy that these two found each other before real life intruded.  Read the story, I urge you, but have some Kleenex close by. 

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve very likely already seen this clip.  If you’re not, it’s worth a view.  A professional athlete, who has achieved the highest level of success in his field, yet who has found time to give back to those around him, stepped out of the spotlight last night.  Mariano Rivera, a relief pitcher whose job it is to protect his team, did just that for years.  Last night this classy individual was removed from his final game at Yankee Stadium in as classy a manner as possible.  His manager told Rivera’s longtime teammates Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte to make the switch.  Rivera chuckled when he first saw the pair walking out to the mound, but moments later he broke down –in front of thousands at Yankee Stadium and countless more via video- in a catharsis of emotion.   I can’t do the moment justice, simply click on the link and watch, and make sure you still have some tissues to help you through.

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