I didn’t win…again?

To paraphrase Jimmy Buffet, if the phone ain’t ringing it must be you.  I woke up early this morning and checked my phone. 


I went to the gym and kept the phone right next to me.


I checked to see if I had any missed calls.


The Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded today and those yahoos in Sweden ignored me…again. 

I’ll keep my phone handy tomorrow – the Prize for physics will be announced and I think I have a pretty good chance. 


The Supremes

The first Monday in October marks the opening of the United States Supreme Court’s 2013 term. The Court will rule on cases that -according to the New York Times- feature, “…consequential constitutional issues, including campaign contributions, abortion rights, affirmative action, public prayer and presidential power.”   Interested in monitoring the day-to-day workings of the Court? Follow the SCOTUS blog.  It’s a fascinating discussion of each day’s docket that is accessible and understandable for everyone, including those of us who have no legal training whatsoever.  


Speaking of the Supreme Court, this conversation with Justice Antonin Scalia is a must read.  It is well-worth the few moments it will take for you to peruse.  The Justice touches on the serious (last year’s term) and the not so serious (Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi.  Swear to God).


An Atheist And The Pontiff

So, you’re sitting at work today and one of your co-workers, in a shaky voice, tells you Pope Francis is on the phone.  What do you do?  Take the call, obviously. 

Even if you’re an atheist.

Especially if you’re an atheist….

…who just happens to be a journalist.  Pope Francis may turn out to be a revolutionary, a man who changes the focus of one of the most powerful institutions in the history of our civilization.  Read the interview, and pay close attention to the humility he manifests.  It’s also quite interesting to hear his comments on proselytizing.  From streetside preachers to bible thumping ministers in the pulpit, I’ve grown quite accustomed to the idea that foisting the word of God on others is a major tenant of Christianity.  I’ve never agreed with such drivel.  Apparently, neither does the head of the Catholic Church.  “Proselytism is solemn nonsense,” he says. 


Let’s Talk

How’s that government shutdown working for you? I’m not quite sure what is being accomplished with this Sturm and Drang, especially since the House voted recently to pay those workers currently being furloughed. In a unanimous vote Saturday, the House passed a measure to retroactively pay 800,000 workers currently staying at home during the shut-down.  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said those Department of Defense workers furloughed won’t be staying home any longer: he announced plans for civilian DOD employees to return to work this week.  Stuck in the middle of all this is House Speaker John Boehner who, in an interview Sunday, mentioned (22 times!) that he’d like to have a conversation with President Obama to discuss a reconciliation of the issue.


Two Down, Nine To Go 



St. Petersburg. 

Six o’clock tonight….



One thought on “I didn’t win…again?

  1. Thanks, Andrew for pointing out the interview with Pope Francis. I enjoyed you on the radio in the morning and wish you well in your next adventure.

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