Raising funds and a pleasant surprise…

Well, this was a pleasant how-do-you-do this morning:


GoLocalProv picked up on the Go To Black campaign and included it in this week’s edition of Who’s Hot and Who’s Not In Rhode Island Politics.  It was certainly not at all expected.  I’ll be honest: I am reaching out to various media outlets in an effort to garner some publicity (and, hopefully, some money) for the campaign…

…I just hadn’t reached out to GoLocal quite yet.  

One of the goals of the blog during this campaign is to document just what it is like to produce a crowdfunding effort.  I’ll write about the site itself, the challenges I face in raising funds, the outreach effort and the -hopefully- success.  I’ll also try to include some accounts of the personal side of this endeavor.  It’s very unlike me to ask for assistance and I was hesitant, very hesitant, to pull the trigger on the campaign.  After completing the campaign template on indiegogo.com, after researching, preparing and readying the campaign, I sat -literally- for ten with my hand on the mouse hovering over the “go live” icon before I clicked.  I had invested plenty of time in the planning of the campaign and recognized that -in order to get the book researched and written- I’d need financial backing.  

…but the doing the thing differed from the thinking of the thing.  What would my friends and colleagues think?  Hell, what would my family think?  The support, so far, has been overwhelming.  Will it change?  We’ll see.   

I’ll keep you updated in the weeks ahead.  

Again, thanks to GoLocal for their coverage.  

The campaign:




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