A native of Cape Cod, Andrew began his career in broadcast journalism at the age of 15, riding his bike to anchor newscasts at a Cape radio station.  Thirty years later, and after a career of participating in White House press conferences, flying into hurricanes and walking into forest fires, he still loves the idea of producing compelling stories.  The venue, however, has changed.  The internet is offering journalists an opportunity to shape the industry in a way that hasn’t been seen since the creation of television news.  It is both a frustrating and thrilling time to be a journalist, but as Yogi Berra once said, “From great challenges come great opportunities.”*   This blog is simply a brief look at some of the stories I find interesting.  Politics, journalism, sports, culture…whatever.  There may also be some enterprise reporting or some long form opinions.  If you like it, great. Leave a comment.  Hell, leave a comment even if you don’t like it.


*Wait, Yogi Berra didn’t say that? Are you sure?


One thought on “About

  1. Nice job Andy, you were always the smart one in the group. What are your thoughts on the 35+ culture taking on endurance activities and events like the spartan runs in an age of obesity in children. Is it a flash in the pan with “DINKs” or are the parents finally looking around and saying the change in our couch culture has to change. It may also be the 35+ group is seeing the cost of the unhealthy life styles of their parents and are trying to reverse the pattern. Our friend Patti Duggan Kane posted on face book “Happy I packed a healthy lunch- and wondering what I can personally to to fight the obesity issue in our fair country?” (She was at a water park with her kids.) I see the obesity issue daily where i teach. Anyways, keep up the good work my man.

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